ECAN service rig on site for low permeability hydraulic testing with HydroResolutions

HydroResolutions are experts in designing, installing and utilizing advanced technology to generate a more complete understanding of geologic systems.


Analysis of hydraulic test data is performed with nSIGHTS, a numerical well-test analysis program that has been used extensively for decades in demanding nuclear repository characterization programs. HydroResolutions personnel are recognized as world experts in the application of nSIGHTS.

The nSIGHTS code has been optimized for use in difficult testing situations and is able to accommodate complex pre-existing pressure histories, variable flow rates, changing wellbore conditions, and non-radial flow in heterogeneous fractured flow systems. The code also has the capability to filter barometric and earth-tide effects from the measured pressure responses. Uncertainty in parameter estimates are quantified using nSIGHTS advanced statistical and graphics capabilities. This uncertainty quantification, used in conjunction with real-time analysis, allows the analyst to optimize test durations, ensuring that adequate data have been collected to address the stated test objectives while preventing unnecessary test continuations that waste time and money.

MIATA Laboratory

MIATA III Laboratory

The mobile integrated aquifer testing and analysis (MIATA) laboratory allows HydroResolutions to mobilize all of the necessary equipment inside a mobile control center that includes a site specific data acquisition system (DAS). This DAS allows for the collection of all of the pertinent information associated with the hydraulic testing and it allows for off-site remote access via the internet. This
capability serves to reduce the number of on-site personnel by allowing some portion of the real-time analysis of the hydraulic tests to be conducted remotely. This also allows the client and/or other designated parties real-time access to the data and the ability to provide input to the hydraulic testing process as it takes place (the remote data access has the most up-to-date protections and levels of access that are controlled via password protections).

MIATA III Control Center

The MIATA laboratory provides a climate controlled environment from which the on-site personnel can conduct the necessary daily on-site operations that are required to bring the hydraulic testing to a successful conclusion. It also serves to protect all of the above-ground instrumentation and equipment from exposure to the weather. Virtually every operation necessary for successful completion of the hydraulic testing program can be conducted from within the comfort of the MIATA laboratory.

Hydraulic Testing Tools

HydroResolutions has designed and developed a straddle-packer hydraulic testing tool that can be used for applications in hydrogeologic systems running the entire range of measurable hydraulic parameters. The more typical application is in low-permeability system in which pulse and/or slug tests are required, however, it is easily configured to perform constant-rate and/or constant-head tests with flows as low as 0.2 gpm and as high as several hundred gpm.