HydroResolutions Company Background

HydroResolutions, LLC was established in 2008 in Carlsbad, NM, by two former Senior Members of the Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories, David Chace and Randall Roberts, who have both also been employed in the environmental consulting industry during their careers.

The current HydroResolutions members have had opportunity to develop hardware, software, and aquifer testing and analysis methodologies used in the characterization of complex hydrogeologic systems throughout the United States as well as abroad. The primary application of these tools and techniques has been in low-permeability systems associated with deep geologic nuclear repository programs all over the world. These repository programs include both the WIPP Site and Yucca Mountain in the USA, and the Canadian, French, Swiss, Swedish, Japanese, Taiwanese, South Korean, German, and UK programs.

HydroResolutions has expanded geographically and currently has offices in Carlsbad and Socorro, NM, and Parshall, ND.

HydroResolutions is focused on applying the best available and most cost effective technologies to solve groundwater characterization and environmental problems. We serve a diverse client base in the areas of water resource development, basin-scale groundwater characterization, flow & transport modeling, regional water planning, litigation support, as well as the low-permeability hydrogeologic characterization described above. The low-permeability hydraulic testing also has applications in carbon sequestration, geothermal reservoir evaluation, in-situ mining, mine-shaft infiltration and slope stability, and  coal-bed methane evaluation.

HydroResolutions is currently focusing on the following business areas:

  • Hydraulic Testing & Analysis (Aquifer Pumping Tests),
  • Hydraulic Testing Equipment Design and Development,
  • Custom Data Acquisition¬† Design and Development,
  • Groundwater Resource Characterization,
  • Water Rights Applications, and
  • Mining Services

Additional details regarding each of these business areas are provided on our Services page.