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Modular Data Acquisition and Control System (DACS)

HydroResolutions has developed a modular Data Acquisition and Control System (DACS) with flexible input and output that can be tailored to the specific needs of each project. For measurements from widely spaced sources such as observation wells, the data can be transmitted to a central location via radio frequency (RF) or cell modem. The DACS is able to log time-stamped data at a specified time interval, at the occurrence of specified events such as changes of input measurements, at the change of a control set point, or by user command. The user interface provides for real time viewing of the data in a variety formats, both graphical and numeric. In locations where there is internet available, both the data and the user interface can be accessed remotely, allowing offsite personnel to participate in the analysis and decision making process as the hydraulic testing is taking place.

The DACS provides centralized control of gas and liquid flow rates and pressures for injection and withdrawal testing and for controlling packer inflation pressure. This is accomplished using an industry tested Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) closed loop algorithm to ensure accurate and stable control.

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