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HydroResolutions has a strong background in hydrogeology and general environmental consulting and has performed hydrogeologic characterization activities (aquifer tests including constant-rate pumping tests, constant-head tests, slug tests, pulse tests, and DSTs) in a multitude of hydrogeologic systems and in a variety of environments, conditions, and configurations. This experience includes conducting and analyzing hydraulic tests in open boreholes as well as in discreet intervals isolated in between packers using project specific straddle-packer tools that HydroResolutions designs and builds. The work associated with the nuclear repository programs requires very strict protocols and procedures with respect to equipment and data traceability, transparency, and reproducibility. HydroResolutions operates in such a manner on all projects as to provide defensible data that meet the objectives of both the project and the client.

HydroResolutions has designed and developed several straddle-packer hydraulic testing tools (HTT) that can be used for applications in hydrogeologic systems running the entire range of measureable hydraulic parameters. The more typical application is in low-permeability system where pulse and/or slug tests are required. However, our custom tools can be easily configured to perform constant-rate and/or constant-head tests with flows as low as 0.2 gallons per minute (gpm) and as high as several hundred gpm. HydroResolutions has also designed HTTs for gas permeability testing.

As part of these custom down-hole HTTs, HydroResolutions has also developed customized instrumentation packages to collect the highest quality data possible. The most recent development is a 1.25-in diameter quad quartz-gauge package with a single 1/4″ communication cable. Smaller diameter gauge packages are possible.

11” single-packer HTT with internal pump for constant-rate testing in the interval below the packer.

HydroResolutions has designed and developed four generations of mobile integrated aquifer testing and analysis (MIATA) platforms. The MIATA platform allows HydroResolutions to mobilize all of the necessary equipment inside a mobile control center that includes a site specific data acquisition and control system (DACS). This DACS allows for the collection of all of the pertinent information associated with the hydraulic testing and it allows for off-site remote access via the internet. This capability serves to reduce the number of on-site personnel by allowing some portion of the real-time analysis of the hydraulic tests to be conducted remotely. This also allows the client and/or other designated parties real-time access to the data and the ability to provide input to the hydraulic testing process as it takes place (the remote data access has the most up-to-date protections and levels of access that are controlled via password protections).

First generation MIATA platform used in performing a constant-rate aquifer test.

The MIATA platform provides a climate controlled environment from which the on-site personnel can conduct the necessary daily on-site operations that are required to bring the hydraulic testing to a successful conclusion. It also serves to protect all of the above-ground instrumentation and equipment from exposure to the weather. Virtually every operation necessary for successful completion of the hydraulic testing program can be conducted from within the comfort of the MIATA platform.

HydroResolutions also designs and develops custom data acquisitions and control systems as stand-alone units (see our SERVICES/HYDRAULIC TESTING & ANALYSIS/DATA ACQUISITION & CONTROL SYSTEMS Page).

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