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HydroResolutions has performed and analyzed hydraulic tests (aquifer tests, pumping tests, constant-rate tests, constant-head tests, slug tests, pulse tests, DSTs, lugeon tests, etc.) both domestically and abroad in a wide variety of hydrogeologic systems and under a wide variety of conditions. These hydrogeologic systems ranged from extremely low-permeability systems associated with active and proposed radioactive waste repository programs to extremely high-permeability systems associated with karst limestone formations. Production rates in these systems ranged from milliliters per day to thousands of gallons per minute (gpm). Often times, these tests are performed in complex hydrogeologic systems that clearly violate the assumption of radial flow to a well that is an inherent part of standard hydraulic test analysis.

HydroResolutions principals have played an integral role in the development of the numerical hydraulic test simulator nSIGHTS (n-dimensional Statistical Inverse Graphical Hydraulic Test Simulator), beginning 20 years ago with the DOS-based version of the code.

HydroResolutions personnel are recognized as world experts in the application of nSIGHTS, which has been used extensively for decades in demanding radioactive waste repository characterization programs. Additional information regarding the features and capabilities of nSIGHTS can be found on our SERVICES/HYDRAULIC TESTING & ANALYSIS/nSIGHTS Page.

The nSIGHTS code has been optimized for use in difficult testing situations and is able to accommodate complex pre-existing pressure histories, variable flow rates, changing wellbore conditions, and non-radial flow in heterogeneous fractured flow systems. The code also has the capability to filter barometric and earth-tide effects from the measured pressure responses. This data filtering capability has allowed otherwise unusable data to be successfully analyzed.

Uncertainty in parameter estimates (sources of uncertainty) is quantified (perturbation analysis) using nSIGHTS advanced statistical and graphics capabilities. This uncertainty quantification, used in conjunction with real-time analysis, allows the analyst to optimize test durations, ensuring that adequate data have been collected to address the stated test objectives while preventing unnecessary test continuations that waste time and money.

HydroResolutions has currently designed and developed four generations of mobile integrated aquifer testing & analysis (MIATA) platforms. The MIATA platforms are mobile climate-controlled environments containing all of the tools and equipment necessary to properly conduct all of the hydraulic tests mentioned above. This includes data acquisition and control system, analysis software, downhole pressure/water-level instrumentation, electronic flow meters, barometers, hydraulic control for all downhole equipment (packers, downhole shut-in valve, pulse-piston generator), pressure-maintenance system, etc. The MIATA platform serves as a comprehensive hydraulic testing environment in the field. Additional information regarding the MIATA platform capabilities go to our SERVICES/HYDRAULIC TESTING & ANALYSIS/nSIGHTS Page.

Miata II on location in New Mexico to conduct a hydraulic test.

HydroResolutions designs and develops data acquisition and control systems that are remotely accessible through the internet. This means that hydraulic testing activities can be taking place at one location while the analyst and any number of other people can follow the testing progress and access data from distant locations around the globe. This capability is detailed further on our SERVICES/HYDRAULIC TESTING & ANALYSIS/DATA ACQUISITION & CONTROL SYSTEMS Page.

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