HydroResolutions LLC

World Experts in Groundwater Characterization

Technology Providing Solutions

HydroResolutions was established and operates under the philosophy of providing solutions to complex hydrogeologic problems through the application of the best available technology. We strive to distinguish ourselves among the environmental consulting industry by applying technology preferentially over manpower to generate defendable information necessary to meet project-specific needs in the most cost-effective manner. This philosophy often demands that HydroResolutions design, develop, and/or build new tools and techniques to apply to project-specific objectives to derive solutions to complex hydrogeologic, environmental, and natural resources problems. HydroResolutions’ unique philosophy sets it apart in the environmental consulting industry and we are comfortable in that position.

Radioactive Waste Isolation

HydroResolutions’ staff has several decades of experience in the design and performance of hydrogeologic characterization activities associated with radioactive waste disposal facilities both in the United States and Internationally. This experience has led to the development of the unique tools (hardware & software), techniques, and skill set that are required to design and perform these activities successfully in the often-complex and demanding conditions of the radioactive waste disposal programs.

Hydraulic Testing & Analysis

HydroResolutions’ considerable experience in designing, performing, and analyzing hydraulic tests of all types, in all types of hydrogeologic systems, and in all sorts of conditions allows us to apply the most cost-effective tools and techniques to provide the most reliable and appropriate hydraulic parameter estimates for every situation. We provide turnkey aquifer testing and analysis services including all downhole equipment, instrumentation, data acquisitions and control systems, scoping calculations, and data analysis applying a level of technology appropriate for the associated objectives.

Water Resource Characterization

HydroResolutions’ works with State and local government and private entities to help quantify local and regional water resources. This quantification of the resource is the first step in the development of realistic resource management plans. Our experience participating in the development of regional water plans has resulted in the development of comprehensive strategies for the evaluation of existing and unexploited water resources including the establishment of remote monitoring networks and web-accessible geospatial hydrogeologic information databases.