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Hydraulic Testing & Analysis Services

HydroResolutions uses advanced aquifer testing and analysis tools and techniques to generate transient pressure/flow-rate information from which the characteristics of both simple and complex groundwater flow regimes can be diagnosed. In addition to these transient pressure/flow-rate diagnostic analyses, HydroResolutions utilizes critical information from other sources/disciplines to obtain a complete picture of the groundwater flow system. These additional information sources include:

  • Geology/Stratigraphy
  • Geophysics
  • Geochemistry
  • Hydrophysics

All of this information is combined to develop the most accurate conceptual model possible. This, in turn, results in accurate hydraulic parameter estimates, preventing erroneous flow and transport predictions. Our clients can reliably budget for remediation system performance, design a mine dewatering system, predict long-term water availability, or have confidence in moving forward with whatever other groundwater application they might have.

Waste Isolation Services

HydroResolutions has participated in the hydrogeologic characterization associated with deep geologic radioactive waste disposal programs in the United States, Canada, South Korea, and Japan and HydroResolutions principals have participated in similar programs in France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, and Taiwan. HydroResolutions has also participated in the hydrogeologic characterization of a Class A, B, and C low-level radioactive waste site in Texas.

Yucca Mountain Project

We have designed and constructed testing equipment to measure hydraulic conductivites on the order of 1E-15 m/s, data acquisition systems that can be monitored from around the globe, mobile testing laboratories that allow for year-round testing in all environments, and analysis methodologies that quantify parameter-estimate uncertainties for subsequent use in performance assessment calculations. This experience makes HydroResoltuions uniquely familiar with the demanding environment associated with these programs and uniquely qualified to meet the characterization objectives associated with these facilities.

Water Resource Characterization Services

HydroResolutions has successfully led and participated in numerous groundwater resource characterization projects including:

  • Development of 40-year regional water plans;
  • Optimizing the placement of and subsequently testing a new water-supply well;
  • Hydrogeologic evaluation of water rights applications, including expert reporting and testimony;
  • Basin-scale hydrogeologic investigations
  • Mine infiltration; and
  • Flow and transport modeling associated with water supply predictions.

HydroResolutions can arrange for and manage all associated activities that it does not perform directly, such as drilling, water disposal, etc. We are capable of coordinating all the necessary activities to meet the objectives of your project and bringing it to a successful conclusion.