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Waste Isolation

HydroResolutions’ staff has decades of combined experience in the design and performance of hydrogeologic characterization activities associated with radioactive waste disposal facilities both in the United States and internationally.

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant deep geologic radioactive waste repository.

French deep geologic radioactive waste repository (ANDRA).

This experience includes:

  • Hydraulic Tests
    • Pumping Tests
      • Constant-Rate tests
      • Constant-Head tests
    • Slug tests
    • DSTs
    • Pulse tests
    • Hydro-Frac tests
    • Gas-Injection tests
  • Tracer Tests
    • Multi-well tracer tests
    • Multi-interval tracer tests

Bruce Power nuclear reactor building (location of the proposed Canadian Deep Geologic Repository for low and intermediate-level radioactive waste disposal.

Testing hydrogeologic formations where permeability can be on the order of 1E-21 m² and flow rates can be measured in a few ml/day requires exacting perfection in equipment design/construction and test implementation that comes from detailed knowledge of what does and does not work under these conditions. HydroResolutions’ extensive experience in low-permeability testing has led to the development of our unique testing equipment, data-acquisition and control systems, analysis software, testing protocols, and skill sets that are required to successfully characterize these systems under the complex and demanding conditions, both physical and data quality assurance, of radioactive waste disposal programs. Precise control of packer-inflation pressures, extensive leak testing of the entire testing system, and the ability to include pre-testing borehole pressure histories and temperature-induced pressure changes in the test analysis are just a small number of the details that must be carefully considered in low-permeability testing.

Waste Control Specialists low-level radioactive waste facility.

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