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Water Resource Characterization

HydroResolutions is leading and has led several basin-scale hydrogeologic characterization efforts within the State of New Mexico. Each of these groundwater resource characterization investigations has had its own set of unique objectives. Some of the objectives have included regional water planning efforts, locating new and previously underutilized groundwater resources to supply future development, and quantification of groundwater resource volume and quality to support water rights applications.

As part of these investigations, HydroResolutions has developed extensive groundwater level and quality monitoring networks with remote access capabilities to evaluate the groundwater resource. Often, these projects are located in remote areas where outside communication is difficult to establish and maintain. HydroResolutions has designed and developed communication solutions for each of these monitoring networks and these solutions would be ideally suited for use in the nuclear waste, environmental, and mining industries.

Our groundwater characterization efforts often involve the design and development of customized data acquisition and telemetry hardware that serve to minimize labor costs. HydroResolutions can design, build, deploy, and monitor such systems anywhere in the world and deliver real-time data to any location. This can all be accomplished at a fixed-cost, avoiding large cost surprises.